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Clear Nature 3x Carrot Body Milk Lotion is a vitamin enriched to nourish, moisturize and revive your skin. Clear Nature 3x Carrot Body Milk Lotion is a skin moisturizer that contains real milk proteins and a combination of vitamins A, E, and D which helps to make the skin soft and smooth.

It does so by taking advantage of the many natural benefits of milk. Drastic Improvement of the Skin Complexion.

Shrinks Pores For a more Radiant Skin, soothes Skin Irritation and smooths the skin. Removes Dead Cells.

Smooths Fine Lines and eradicates Wrinkles

Treatment of Sunburns

Good Moisturizer

Powerful, anti-aging, free radical fighter (antioxidant). Helps increase the amount of oxygen present in the skin, aiding in new and healthier skin tissue.

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