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This is a great evaporated milk for your breakfast cereal and for cooking as well. This evaporated milk has full cream and is perfect for those looking for a rich milky taste. This milk can be drank cold or at room temperature. This milk is creamy and tasty.

Hollandia full cream evaporated milk has a sleek, creamy and luxurious texture. Its flavour is delicious and will leave your taste buds with an unerasable memory. Let it wet your tongue, massage your throat and nourish your body. Probably one of the most common types of milk in Nigeria, evaporated milk is used by many for their morning tea, cornflakes and for cooking.

It is a concentrated milk from which about 60% of water has been removed and is also called unsweetened condensed milk. And this is where it differs with condensed milk which is also concentrated but is sweetened – people often confuse the two types of milk. Evaporated milk is thick and has a sweet-sour taste. It has a relatively long shelf life compared to fresh milk. It is used to cook as well as bake lots of desserts


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