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Oxford Sweetened Cabin Biscuits 400g. The oxford sweetened cabin biscuit is a plain hard delicious biscuit, with less fat and sugar. Its a great way to treat your family and friends, as it is delicious with any soft drinks, and it is also great to have as breakfast or brunch. Oxford Cabin Biscuits are yum yum yummy buttery goodness that is best paired with your favorite tea or morning beverage.

Take a trip back in time, reliving joyous moments of your childhood every time you bite into the melt in your mouth, yet crunchy goodness of this nostalgic treat. Niger Biscuit Co Ltd was incorporated in 1960. Since its incorporation, it has been involved in the Manufacturing and sales of Biscuits, chewing gum and other products.

Back in the days, Oxford Cabin biscuit came in a square box and was served on special occasions and during recreation activities. Who remembers those birthday parties that turned out well cause the Oxford cabin biscuit was there to compliment the firewood Jollof Rice made or can you remember the house fellowship and church gatherings where Oxford cabin biscuit was shared.

The Oxford Cabin biscuit was eaten in creative ways such as dipping the biscuit in tea, spreading butter over the biscuit and preparing milk and crushing the biscuits into it. This shows how the cabin biscuit is remembered when in need of a snack or light appetizer. Buy this on When you’re having a long day and need to take a break, nothing does it like having a pack of biscuits to munch on.

Biscuits are great for kids and adults. If you leave a pack of biscuits with your kids, they’ll empty the entire pack in minutes. There are lots of biscuit varities to choose from: cookies, crackers, digestives, shortbread, ginger biscuits, shortcake, cream sandwich, chocolate biscuits, wafers. is the leading online supermarket and grocery delivery service in Nigeria.


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