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Bama Mayonnaise is a nutritious mayonnaise spread and dips made under the highest level of quality control.

It has that traditional real mayonnaise flavour which is suitable for bread, salads, coleslaw, dips and much more.

It gives salad that nice finishing touch it greatly deserves.

Bama Mayonnaise is a  rich source of vitamin K, vitamin E, choline, minerals such as potassium, selenium and also sodium.

It operates as a source of Omega-3 fatty acids and each component of the condiment brings more nutritional benefits.

The base of olive oil is good for digestion, the lime juice offers vitamin C. It Contain dietary fiber & Antioxidant.

The unsaturated fatty acids in it reduces risk of coronary heart diseases and the eggs deliver protein to promote healthy muscle and tissue growth.

So, next time you decide to make your sandwich mayo free, think again.

Everyday eat Bama Mayonnaise with foods in breakfast, lunch, dinner and much more.


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