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Fortuna Elasticated Tubular Support Bandage (Size F) 0.5 Meter


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Fortuna Elasticated Tubular Support Bandage (Size F) 0.5 Meter is a versatile and effective bandage that can be used to support and protect a variety of body parts, including:
  • Arms
  • Legs
  • Hands
  • Feet
  • Joints
  • Muscles

The bandage is made of a soft, stretchy fabric that is comfortable to wear and does not restrict movement. It is also breathable, which helps to prevent the skin from becoming too hot or sweaty.

Fortuna Elasticated Tubular Support Bandage can be used for a variety of purposes, including:

  • To provide support and compression to injured or weakened muscles and joints
  • To help reduce swelling and inflammation
  • To protect wounds from infection and further injury
  • To retain heat and improve circulation

The bandage is also easy to apply and remove, and it can be reused multiple times.

Instructions for use:

  1. Choose the appropriate size bandage for the body part you are supporting.
  2. Gently stretch the bandage over the affected area.
  3. Wrap the bandage around the area several times, overlapping each layer slightly.
  4. Secure the bandage in place with a safety pin or tape.


  • Do not wrap the bandage too tightly, as this could restrict circulation.
  • If you experience any pain or discomfort, remove the bandage immediately.
  • Keep the bandage out of reach of children.


Store the bandage in a cool, dry place.

Additional information:

Fortuna Elasticated Tubular Support Bandage is a safe and effective way to support and protect a variety of body parts. It is an essential item to have in any first aid kit.


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