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For women and girls who have had their period, maintaining feminine hygiene is extremely important. They aim to keep the vagina and surrounding area clean, fresh, odour free and also aim to prevent any kind of itching or infection.

To prevent odours, some women use a feminine hygiene spray after a shower and even during the day after toilet use. For women on the go, a pack of feminine wipes will come in handy to be used to cleanse the vagina during the day. To get extra freshness, you can use an intimate feminine hygiene wash to clean the outside area of the vagina.

Douching, however, should not be overdone as some of the natural fluid from the vagina help to also keep it clean.

Lady care premium sanitary pad comes with a soft cotton-like surface providing soft touch to the skin. The wings and adhesive keeps the pad in place and ideal for every woman during monthly flow. The cotton-like material is soft and comfortable on the skin with an anatomy shape that fits conveniently to give you confidence.


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