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9g High-Quality Whey Protein20 g of Healthy FatsKeto or LCHF Lifestyle Support

An easy, natural solution for achieving the benefits of following a “Ketogenic Lifestyle.”

KetoLiving™is a system of products specially designed to provide the support you need to live a successful Keto or LCHF Low-Carb, High-Fat lifestyle.

Tasty and smooth, KetoLiving LCHF Chocolate Shakemakes it easy and incredibly delicious to maintain a ketogenic lifestyle, destroying hunger and abolishing cravings all while helping to keep the body in ketosis and promoting optimal blood sugar control.

KetoLiving LCHF Shake Features:

  • Helps reach & maintain ketosis meeting ketogenic diet caloric distribution guidelines.
  • Features 20 g of healthy fats, providing 75% of total calories.
  • Fat source is Medium-Chain Triglycerides (MCTs), the best dietary fat to utilize for energy.
  • 9 g of high-quality whey protein, providing 15% of total calories.
  • Very low sugar with carbs providing less than 10% of total calories.
  • Broad-spectrum digestive enzyme complex powers healthy digestion.
  • Prebiotics, benign microflora and choline for optimal fat metabolism.
  • Easy to prepare, smooth, creamy deliciousness.
  • Chromium contributes to normal macronutrient metabolism and contributes to the maintenance of normal blood glucose levels.
  • Lactase enzyme improves lactose digestion in individuals who have difficulty digesting lactose.
  • Choline contributes to normal lipid metabolism.


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