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Rite Aid Hand Sanitizer 237 ml has a built in antibacterial action formula with added moisturizers. It will leave your hands feeling fresh and clean. Germs cannot be seen with the naked eyes, Rite Aid Hand Sanitizer helps fight all these unseen germs. Dermatologically tested it is mild on skin with no adverse reaction on any part of the body. Rita Aid Hand sanitizer removes bacteria 99.9%. This sanitizer contains 72% alcohol base. Removing bacteria with soap and water is not a very comfortable routine. But with a hand sanitizer you can practice personal hygiene without any hassle. This instant hand cleaner is a safe and convenient way to eat your hands. The non sticky formula leaves your hand feeling fresh, clean and silkier Help keep your family safe. Apply the sanitizer gel generously before making hand contact with anyone to prevent the spread of germs. Rub your palm together after applying and wait for it to dry. Do not wash off with water. Buy this on The importance of washing hands cannot be overemphasized. To prevent illnesses and infections, you should wash your hands regularly with liquid hand wash or hand sanitizer. The hands carry a lot of dirt and can easily transmit viruses so it’s crucial we take our hand hygiene seriously. We should have hand wash in all rooms at home and in the office; this helps ensure we wash our hands immediately they get dirty


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