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HealthAid Immutone Shark Liver Oil 1000mg Capsules contain shark oil, which is a substance that contains certain fats that help your system to produce white blood cells. White blood cells are vital for maintaining a healthy and effective immune, digestive and respiratory system. Due to the high content of glycerol in shark liver oil, it also helps to maintain the moisture balance of the skin.

HealthAid Immutone Shark Liver Oil 1000mg Capsules are ideal for those looking to enhance their immune system, improve their heart health, stabilise their blood sugar levels and those wishing to increase their overall energy levels.

HealthAid Immutone Shark Liver Oil 1000mg Capsules may be of benefit to:

  • Those who wish to enhance the immune system, offering protection against viral infections, the flu and common cold
  • Those who wish to increase heart health by increasing blood circulation and maintaining cholesterol levels
  • Those who wish to use it for its anti-fungal properties against warts
  • Those who wish to decrease the inflammation process e.g. arthritis sufferers, and therefore may help elevate pain
  • Those who wish to stabilize blood sugar levels
  • Those who wish to increase strength and overall energy levels with stress related disorders


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